Empire Loft Vent-Free Burner, MV, 18-inch, 10,000 Btu (Req Approx. 1.75 sqft Decorative Media)

Empire Loft Vent-Free Burner, MV, 18-inch, 10,000 Btu (Req Approx. 1.75 sqft Decorative Media)

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Loft Vented/Vent-Free Burner, Millivolt, 18-inch, 10,000 Btu (Bedroom Certified) - Natural Gas

This burner system can be utilized as a vented or vent free glass burner system and will work in any 32 Vent Free Firebox.

Click on the photo to view glass and trim options.

Unconventional Styling, Contemporary Flair, Astonishing Good Looks

When a traditional fireplace would seem out of place, the Loft Series of contemporary burners complement the unique

décor you worked so hard to achieve.

Because it does not require a chimney or metal vent stack, where you install your vent-free Loft Series burner is limited

only by your imagination – in a wall, in an island, in a mantel, in an art installation – the possibilities are boundless.

The Loft Series Burner installs in any certified vent-free firebox or masonry fireplace to help complete your artistic

statement. It operates as a vent-free system for heating or can be installed in a vented fireplace to provide the

ambiance of a fire but without the heat.

Available in LP and Natural Gas models in 18-inch (10,000 or 26,000 Btu), 24-inch

(36,000 Btu), and 30-inch (40,000 Btu), there’s a Loft Series Burner sized perfectly

for your fireplace.

A unique 18-inch (10,000 Btu) Millivolt Loft burner provides heat and

ambience for bedroom fireplaces. Check your local codes for

applicable restrictions.

Choose an on/off, remote-ready Millivolt system

with a manual Piezo Ignition or Battery

Operated Remote Control Ignition Pilot that

allows you to have a standing pilot or

operate with an intermittent pilot to

save gas.

Or, opt for the Intermittent Pilot system

with its thermostat remote control that varies

flame height for up to 30-percent turndown.

This unique system delivers just the right amount

of heat to maintain a comfortable temperature.

An override feature lets you operate the burner



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